Service Your Rolls-Royce Here at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena congratulates our customers throughout Los Angeles and Pasadena on their recent purchase of a new or used Rolls-Royce from our dealership. As with any vehicle, however, a Rolls-Royce requires routine service to ensure that its expertly-crafted exterior, interior, and powertrain continue to function as best as they can. Fortunately, this is where our service center technicians come in as they know all of the ins and outs of the Rolls-Royce brand and can give your coupe, convertible, or SUV the care it deserves, while you wait in our lounge area or make use of our complimentary service shuttle. All you have to do is schedule an appointment online and come see us here at our Pasadena, CA Rolls-Royce service center located at 2965 East Colorado Boulevard and just a short drive away from our dealership on West Colorado Blvd.

Schedule an Appointment the Easy Way!

You are someone who loves convenience, which is why we aim to please at Rolls-Royce Pasadena. Scheduling a service appointment is easy and can be completed right from your home using our online system. All you have to do is create an account and fill out pertinent details related to your vehicle’s make, model, and year. If you like, you may also enter in the approximate mileage; which can be found on the odometer; as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN), located on the deed to the vehicle or the owner’s manual. Once you fill out this information and create an account, pick a time and date that fits your schedule and one of our factory-trained Rolls-Royce technicians will reach out to confirm.

Keeping Your Rolls-Royce Looking and Feeling Great

Our Rusnak service center technicians in Pasadena, CA know the ins and outs of this brand best as each mechanic carries a full certification with the Roll-Royce brand. That means they will not only maintain your vehicle as thoroughly as possible, they can also give it a thorough inspection before giving it back to you to address any upcoming maintenance issues which may require attention. When the time comes to replace a part on your Rolls-Royce, our technicians will only use genuine parts that are made to fit your luxury car specifically.

Keep an Eye on Your Car

Any vehicle owner will tell you that it is essential to stay aware of certain milestones within your car’s life, Rolls-Royce is no exception. Certain maintenance procedures like oil changes and tire rotations are more routine, but many other parts will require replacement at other intervals down the road. Most mechanics refer to these intervals as the “30-60-90 schedule” referencing when the vehicle’s hit 30,000; 60,000; and 90,000 miles. Upon reaching these milestones, your Rolls-Royce may require replacement parts such as:

  • Fuel filter (30,000 miles)
  • Air cleaner filter (30,000 miles)
  • Brake pads (60,000 miles)
  • Spark plugs (60,000 miles)
  • Hoses (90,000 miles)
  • Timing belts (90,000 miles)

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

If you have any other questions about our service center in Pasadena, feel free to take a look at our frequently asked questions, then schedule an appointment with our service center when you are completely satisfied. We look forward to hearing from you at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena!