Rolls-Royce Oil Change Los Angeles

January 31st, 2019 by

What’s in an engine? Many different moving parts all working together in harmony. If you rub your hands together, you’ll notice they produce friction and heat. The moving parts in your engine are the same way. You can’t rub your hands fast enough to overheat, but your engine can, and that’s where oil comes in. If you rub motor oil all over your hands and rub them together again, both friction and heat will be reduced. When you put it in your engine, it reduces the friction produced by the moving parts, and it even carries away heat too. Without oil, your engine would quickly overheat and break down. With oil, it gives the smooth Rolls-Royce drive we all love.

Don’t actually rub motor oil on your hands, though; that stuff’s for engines only.

Oil keeps your engine purring like a kitten, but it doesn’t last forever. All the heat produced by your engine slowly causes the oil to break down. Engine oil eventually becomes less and less effective, and if it breaks down too much, it can even clog up your engine instead of lubricating it. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to that problem: just schedule an appointment with our service center! We’ll have your oil changed in no time at all. You can also check out our oil change FAQ for even more information.

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