Phantom Tempus Collection

Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus

The innovators at Rolls-Royce, gathering inspiration from the rare pulsar star, have crafted a breath-taking new addition to the iconic Phantom lineup — the Phantom Tempus. The Phantom Tempus collection embodies the strength and beauty of a pulsar star, which is known for pulling in everything around it thanks to its magnetism. If you’re experiencing the draw of the new Phantom Tempus collection in Glendale, you can explore its craftsmanship in detail with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena.

Phantom Tempus: Interior Craftsmanship

Pulsar Headliner

The headliner of the Phantom Tempus has been completely reimagined to showcase the beauty of the pulsar star. To reflect the beauty of this lighthouse of the sky, Rolls-Royce hand-painted, digitally-printed, and embroidered the Pulsar Headliner. What’s more, intricate fiber optic lighting is included to reflect the beautiful flicker a pulsar star provides.

Frozen Flow of Time Gallery

Replacing the traditional analog clock is an eye-catching work of art known as the Frozen Flow of Time Gallery. Composed of 100 aluminum columns, this piece of art represents the 100-million-year period of rotation of the pulsar star.

Frozen Flow of Time Doors

The Frozen Flow of Time Doors continue to carry the beauty and light of the pulsar star throughout the Phantom Tempus with the most ambitious light display that Rolls-Royce has undertaken.

Tempus Champagne Chest

Accompanying any Phantom Tempus is a hand-painted Tempus Champagne Chest. This bespoke chest features a pulsar star that has been hand-painted by airbrush artist Piers Dowell. LED lights provide the illusion of cosmic dust clouds and a Metal Star Applique Star Cluster highlights the pulsar concept.

Phantom Tempus: Exterior Style

Kairos Blue Paint

Kairos Blue is an intriguing deep blue shade that incorporates mica pigments that mimic the sparkling effect produced by stars in the sky. This bespoke paint color is exclusive to the Phantom Tempus collection. 

Spirit of Ecstasy

Each model in the Phantom Tempus collection is embellished with the Spirit of Ecstasy that denotes the name of the collection. This adornment can also be engraved with a date and location of significance to the owner. 

Get Acquainted With the Luxurious Phantom Tempus Collection

Are you intrigued by this limited Rolls-Royce release? The sales associates at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena are standing by to share more information about this exclusive collection. Connect with us today to learn more about Rolls-Royce collections and features near Los Angeles.

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