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  • Omega Chambers
    Sales Manager

  • Ray Mkrtchyan
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

  • Jason Emard
    Sales Consultant

    I started out in the car industry as teenager in our family owned business and have worked for the family run Rusnak business for the past eight years. When I began my career with Rusnak, I started out at the Mercedes-Benz dealership and then transferred over to the Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Maserati showroom where I currently reside.

  • Rickey Williams
    Brand Manager

  • Clinton Woosley
    Sales Consultant

  • Elizabeth Marosy
    Executive Assistant

    After moving to Los Angeles from New York, I ended up working in the fashion industry for many years.  Although it was an exciting field to be in, it was also unpredictable and unstable since fashions trends are constantly changing.

    Besides becoming tired of the industry's instability, I was also growing weary of commuting.  When an opportunity arrived at Rusnak, I decided that it would be a welcome change working in the same city I resided in.  In addition, I found the idea of working with luxury automobiles as exciting as the fashion world since they seemed to complement each other!